Confronting Love: Poems

And even now/when … years have passed/love has nothing to say … writes Vinay Dharwarker in his poem Waking, included in this anthology. Nevertheless, poets continue to address the issue of love, looking for novel and original ways to beat clichés. In Confronting Love, Indian poets writing in English try to make sense of this emotion. From the spiritual to the corporeal, from the whimsical to the brooding, these poems convey the myriad nuances of love. There is pathos here and ecstasy, obsession and resignation. Continue reading


Jerry Pinto’s accomplished first book of poems travels the breath-taking spaces between madness, luminosity and quiet rebellion. Here, even paper has life of its own, and that is just the beginning. The poems find themselves set adrift in an asylum-seeker’s dilemma: the making of hopeful sea voyages; the dangerous search for safe havens; the lovely moments of slippage ‘of anchor and sense and what love means’. This is a writer who draws precise lines of control and then, with surprising tenderness, crosses them. Continue reading

Poems Included In
60 IndianPoets
60 Indian Poets spans 55 years of Indian poetry in English,
bridging continents and generations, and seeks to expand
the definition of ‘Indianness’.Beginning in 1952 with selections from Nissim Ezekiel’s first volume of poetry which was published in London,
it honours the canonical writers who have come to define
modern Indian poetry
S Vatsyayan Agyeya, Meena Alexander, Tom Alter, Zoran
Anchevski, Kaifi Azmi, Charles Bernstein, Malika Booker,
Peter Bradshaw, Priya Sarukkai Chabria, Amal Chatterjee,
Amit Chaudhari, Dilip Chitre, Keki N Daruwala, Rana
Dasgupta, Kwame Dawes and others.
Reasons for Belonging
Reasons for Belonging
brings together some of the most striking voices in contemporary
Indian poetry in English. These poets are at home in the
world. Most of them operate from India’s metropolitan
centres, and their poetry reflects the formal assurance
and urbane fluency of that position. They celebrate the
possibilities of hybridity; they are cosmopolitan in their
attitudes, and English is their first language of creative
With Contributions from
-Simon Armitage, Charles Bernstein, Curtis Bauer, Pam Brown, Billy Collins, William Corbett, Kamala Das, Linh Dinh, Nissim Ezekiel, Annie Finch, David Gewanter, Peter Gizzi, Joe Green, David Hamilton, Lyn Hejinian, W.N.Herbert, Ranjit Hoskote, Adil Jussawalla and others.