Bombay, Meri Jaan: Writings on Mumbai

Reflected in Water:
Writings on Goa

Confronting Love:

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Essays Included In

Indian Journeys
A country the size of a continent, home to a sixth of humanity. An ancient civilization that is also a modern democratic republic only half a century old. A nation that is several countries in one. As in ages past, India continues to fascinate travellers who are, in the words of Dom Moraes, the editor of this anthology, ‘startled, annoyed, and attracted by its colossal, inexplicable diversities’. More has been written about it than any other Asian country.

Chasing the Good Life: On Being Single
Being single: for some, it means complete bliss; for others, it is a malaise that must be cured. Irrespective of one's point of view, in a society where the unattached person is viewed as an oddity, singledom comes with challenges: dealing with uncomfortable questions from well-meaning relatives and friends; the hushed whispers; the envy; and, of course, the unwanted attention from those who think singles are people of dubious morals.
ICONS : Men & Women Who Shaped Today’s India
Sixty glorious years of Independence for India mark several milestones and immense contributions from great men and women who have become part of its history. For the first time ever, this book showcases post-Independent India’s twenty greatest living personalities who have and continue to set extraordinary examples for the nation.


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