EM and the big HOOM
Staking all on gamble of his art, using all the strength of his enormous talent, his natural empathy, Pinto chases the elusive portrait of a mother who simply said of herself that she was mad.

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A Bear For Felicia
I am brown with a nubbly coat, red button eyes and a black nose, and this is my true story.
My name is Thurston Gustavus Buckridge III. This name was given me by my clever friend Felicia who is also small and brown, with a fringe, a tendency to lose crayons, and a playground of crazy games in her head.

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A Bear For Felicia

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Short Stories Included In

Shockwave!: And Other Cyber Stories
Zip down the cyber superhighway as these fast-paced, breakthrough stories plunge you into a perhaps not-too-distant future and a thrilling, often chilling, present. It’s a heady cyber-zone where a portal mercilessly demands your soul, a blogger unwittingly sets up an armed conflict with a rapacious alien empire, a cyber-spook reveals an intriguing, hidden past, a ruler controls an entire city through neural networks, teddy bears store intimate technology, and humans and spirits slip through firewalls in minds and machines.

The Puffin Book of Funny Stories
Is your biology teacher driving you batty? Did the dog eat your homework again? Are you beginning to suspect the boy next door is really an alien? Time to relax and have a good laugh. Dip into these pages and meet the oddest cast of characters ever put together – a savvy witch adviser, a time-travelling great-granduncle, a man who can do a million things while picking his nose, and a king who switched day for night to hilarious consequences.
Favourite Stories for Boys
Witty boys, sporty boys, befuddled boys, mean boys. You’ll find all kinds of boys in these pages—there is a rising cricket star who finds himself dangling from a tree on the day of the big match; a grandson with a great-grandfather whose dark secrets appear from beyond the grave; a fat boy bullied by his classmates till he is helped by an unexpected person. There is also one who can’t tell left from right, much to his teacher’s fury; Amin, who faces up to a terrorist in the middle of a dog show; and Kari, who gets sucked into a parallel universe on his way back from the Principal’s office.


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