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Amrita Bose in TimeOut, Mumbai

Did you know that teddy bears suffer from panic attacks if left alone in a park? Author Jerry Pinto shares the anxieties of such bears in his new book for children. He probes deep into the imaginary world of a troubled little girl Felicia and her hand-me-down teddy bear, Thurston Gustavus Buckridge III. Thurston is no ordinary teddy bear even though he might look like one. Born in Germany, Thurston has made a long journey from a charity shop in England to Felicia’s grandmother, mother and finally her. Felicia loves Thurston and cannot bear to part with him. But soon enough, Thurston finds out that he is a rather special and expensive teddy bear and might just be sold off to a collector. With an introduction that is sure to hook readers, Pinto creates several interesting layers in the narrative. Thurston not only plays friend to Felicia but also takes over as therapist from time to time. The author gives voice to the complicated workings of a child’s mind and also has a thing or two to say to parents. A great read.

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