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Kiran Desai

Staking all on gamble of his art, using all the strength of his enormous talent, his natural empathy, Pinto chases the elusive portrait of a mother who simply said of herself that she was mad.

As I read this novel, that also portrays a very tender marriage and the life of a Goan family in Bombay, it drowned me.  I mean that in the best way. It plunged me into a world so vivid and capricious, that when I finished, I found something had shifted and changed within myself.  This is a world of magnified and dark emotion. The anger is a primal force, the sadness wild and raw.  Against this, the jokes are hilarious, reckless, free falling.  The language is supple and alert to a private vocabulary.

My opinion is that this is a rare, brilliant book, one that is wonderfully different from any other that I have read coming out of India. I hope it gets all the attention and praise it deserves.

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