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Times have changed, and it’s hard being a man…

It used to be simple in Father’s day; he was born a man. He began by having a penis, and everything else somehow just fell into place. But there is now a strange new species around, The Modern Woman – urban, middle-class, uncompromising, and sure of her place in the world. It is entirely likely that she will not cook for you, clean your house, iron your Y-fronts, press your legs, or even have your babies. She earns her own money, has a mind of her own, and she is judging you all the time. Masculinity is now under constant examination. And there are a hundred different ways in which a man can fail.

In this guide for the CIM (Confused Indian Man) of the nineties, Jerry Pinto provides tips on how to get by in the new world – how to survive the woman you love, or the one who dumps you; your wife, or your ex-wife; your daughter; your mother; your female colleagues. As he leads boys, young and old, by the hand through the worst-case scenarios, he also answers some pressing questions about manhood:

• Should men cry?
• Is it possible to be generous about being dumped?
• Should a man trust a woman who says she trusts him?
• Is sex really a two-way thing?
• Would being a sea horse solve all of man’s problems?
• Just how much can a man endure?

Provocative and wise by turns and always witty, Surviving Women is a mercilessly astute commentary on the notion of masculinity and the relationship between the sexes.


By Jerry Pinto

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© Copyright 2008 Jerry Pinto